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Maui’s Wildlife Paradise

Most people think of Hawaii as a paradise of beaches.  It’s also a paradise of wildlife for me and my wife Susan Mann.


In April we visited Maui for 10 days.  It’s incredible how much wildlife is RIGHT there!  


When we visited, humpback whales were still in season, just offshore.  They winter here in the warm, shallow waters – mating and having their calves.  

These two whale images show them diving with tail flukes exposed.  In one of the photos, you can see the female’s calf between the two sides of her tail.   


A less well-known wildlife paradise is up the slopes of Haleakala mountain.  Just inside the National Park entrance is Hosmer’s Grove, a world class place to see endemic bird species.  The adorable small yellow honeycreeper – called ʻalauahio  is endemic only to the island of Maui.  Another honeycreeper, the brilliant red i’iwi is endemic only to the state of Hawaii.  

Sadly, the endemic birds are disappearing quickly due to climate change.  Rising temperatures mean more mosquitoes at higher elevations (which is not good for the birds) and habitat loss.  


One enchanting element of Maui’s paradise is this forest of lights.  Can you guess where on Maui this photo was taken?

Next time you’re in Hawaii, be sure to experience its amazing wild beauty.  For ways you can help the natural world, take a look at my free download and Make a Difference!

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