Charles Bergman

I write to find meaning.  I write about animals because they need an advocate in the world today.  They deserve better than we’ve given them.  I explore the ways animals make us human.


My writing has been featured in some of the best national magazines including Smithsonian, National Geographic, Audubon, Natural History, and Wildlife Conservation. Writing and photography have been my passport to see the world’s most spectacular animals and scenery.  I’ve crawled in wolf dens in Alaska and accompanied Inuit hunting narwhal in Baffin Island.  I’ve gone undercover to bust parrot smugglers in the Rio Grande and gone deep into the jungles of the Amazon to see how people steal parrots from their nests.


My fifth book was released in 2020 and I hope you’ll think it’s my best yet.  Every Penguin in the World is about the quest of my wife Susan and I to see all 18 penguin species.  It includes stories of adventure and spiritual fulfillment in the company of the world’s most beloved birds.  Learn more about the book, free virtual events, and great resources here

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