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We still love penguins!

With all that’s been happening in the world, it’s been almost three years since Susan and I were with penguins in the wild. We miss them. We tell each other stories about our favorite penguin moments. We research trips we hope to take in the future.

Emperor penguin chicks; Snow Hill, Antarctica
Emperor penguin chicks; Snow Hill, Antarctica

With penguins still holding a big place in our hearts, it was wonderful to talk with Kathryn Bingham a few weeks ago about our quest to see all 18 penguin species. Check out our half hour video interview.

Kathryn also wrote a terrific piece describing the leadership lessons she discerned from my book Every Penguin in the World. What a great list of lessons!

  1. Identify your quest

  2. Stay present in the experience

  3. See deeply

  4. Embrace the suck (if it’s important, do it even if it’s hard)

  5. Answer the question: who are you?

King penguins holding flippers; Macquarie Island

(Photographs Copyright Charles Bergman ©)

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1 Comment

Sam Cheyne
Sam Cheyne
Oct 03, 2022

What a fantastic set of pictures you and Susan have collected.

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