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Launch Party for Every Penguin in the World!!

Penguin Lovers and Animal People! Please circle April 21, 2020—the day before Earth Day—on your calendars. We will have a Launch Party for Every Penguin in the World at PLU that evening. We’re inviting all the veterans of Antarctica J-terms to come out and celebrate together—a Reunion and Launch. Galapagos veterans too, since we all saw the Galapagos Penguin there. The event is open to the general public. And every J-term or study-away veteran of my classes is enthusiastically invited. How wonderful if we could get a big turn-out of our Argentina and Antarctica groups. The truth is, you all helped write this book. A number of you are in the book—quoted, in a photo, and in our shared experiences. In many ways, EPITW is a collaboration with you all, and a testimony to our collective joy in nature and wildlife. Watch for announcements on details. Come celebrate. Launch and Reunion for Every Penguin in the World. April 21, 2020. Pacific Lutheran University. Scandinavian Cultural Center. Evening (exact times to be determined).

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