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Links to some of the major articles and essays I've written:

"When Animals Go Viral"
When animals go viral, they’re trying to tell us something vital

"26 Minutes of WOW!"Tired of non-stop bad news? Here's a good news story about one person saving a little regard species - featuring Tahoma Audubon and a huge chimney on Joint Base Lewis McChord.

"Make Way for Penguins"
A 2012 story in Smithsonian magazine, on African penguins on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.  These highly endangered penguins now have a refuge in the shadow of one of the world's most infamous prisons.

"Stolen Wildlife"
The Illegal Trade in Animals is Exceeded Only by Drugs and Weapons Trafficking," a 2009 cover story in Smithsonian magazine on the 10-20 billion dollar per year illicit trade in animals.  Widely reprinted and referenced.

"Mexico's Parrot Trade Exposed"
 2009 cover story in Defenders, on the efforts to shut down the illegal and legal trade in parrots in Mexico.

"Sea Change for Puffins"
A 2011 story in BirdWatching magazine on the challenges facing the imcomparably cute and comical tufted puffin, off the west coast.  Written after spending lots of time on Tatoosh Island off the extreme northwest tip of Washington state.

"A Rose is [Not] a Rose"
A 2008 cover story in Audubon magazine on the environmental problems of the rose and flower business--think pesticides and big ag!  Don't give toxic chemicals to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.  Think Organic Bouquet!

Nature's Best Photography Magazine
My photo of the albatrosses in the Falkland Islands is in the November issue, p. 62. You can  also find the photo on this website (***NEED PHOTO LINK***)--on the home page, or in large format n the albatross gallery.

"Northwest Couple Lead Environmental Literature Expeditions"
3rd Act Magazine: Naturally Passionate – Northwest couple help students understand the wild.

"Academic Animals"

Making Nonhuman Animals Matter in Universities

"Obits for the Fallen Hunter"

Reading the Decline–and Death?–of Hunting in America

"Inventing a Beast with No Body"

Radio-Telemetry, the Marginalization of Animals, and the Simulation of Ecology

"A Spectacle of Beasts"

Hunting Rituals and Animal Rights in Early Modern England

"The Spotted Owl's New Nemesis"

Adaptable, Feisty Barred Owl Pushing Out Meeker Cousin

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