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"Author and photographer Bergman (A Penguin Told Me a Secret) and his wife, Susan, found their interest in penguins slowly turning to passion and obsession, culminating in a goal to see each of the 18 penguin species in the wild. Part travelog, part conservation, part philosophical musing, the book supplies ample, frequently adorable photos of every species, along with tales of wet, often cold, and occasionally uncomfortable adventures. VERDICT The quasihuman charm of penguins is hard to resist, and this title is sure to find its audience." READ

Publishers Weekly

"Readers will enjoy Bergman’s enthusiastic recollections of his jaunts around the world and be astonished by his vivid photos." READ


"...an intimate tribute to the fascinating allure of penguins and the unexpected lessons on resilience they have to teach." READ


"This is an entertaining and research-friendly penguin celebration." READ


"...organized around themes of adventure, science and conservation, and pilgrimage." READ

Portland Book Review

"5 STARS:  Amazing.  The kind of book you tell your friends about..." READ

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"Check out this new release... much more than a travel book." READ


"Bergman’s deep appreciation for these birds… is evident in the book’s beautiful photos and retellings of his encounters with each species.” READ

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