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Every Penguin in the World: The Quest to See Them All

Every Penguin in the World: 
The Quest to See Them All

Every Penguin in the World is the story about the adventures my wife, Susan, and I had to see all 18 penguin species in the wild.  I’m honored that the book has been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall and excited about all of the meaningful endorsements.  Hard copy and Kindle editions available now.

Every Penguin in the World: The Quest to See Them All

November 2020: Feature Magazine Article
Outdoor Photographer Magazine (PDF)

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11 x 17 Penguin Poster
Download a high-resolution penguin poster!



About Me

A writer, photographer, and speaker, I have been a long-time professor at Pacific Lutheran University.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I love living here now, in the midst of such natural beauty. 


I’ve been a Fulbright Senior Scholar two times, both in Latin America—Mexico and Ecuador.  I love speaking Spanish (I taught in Spanish!) and love the immersion in Latin cultures.  I travel extensively around the world, and have a special affection for South and Central America.  My love of animals has fueled a passion for travel in Africa, the High Arctic, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and more.  And of course my training in the Renaissance for my Ph.D. stirred me to travel throughout Europe.


I write extensively about nature and animals and sustainability.  I have many cover stories in magazines like Smithsonian, Audubon, All Animals (U.S. Humane Society), BirdWatching, and more.  I wrote a feature story for National Geographic on trumpeter swans.  I love to put words and images, stories and photos together on behalf of a threatened planet, our fragile and failing Earth.  My books—five of them—have won a number of awards:  Washington State Book Award, Southwest Book Award, the Benjamin Franklin Book Award.  One book was a finalist for a PEN USA Literary Award

You can get a good idea of my personal values and the purposes that drive my work from this recent article on me and Susan by Dori Gillam: Northwest Couple Lead Environmental Literature Expeditions 

(3rd Act Magazine: Naturally Passionate – Northwest couple help students understand the wild.)

201 Eastern Rockhopper Penguin--Musgrave Harbor-- Auckland Island  Logo.jpg

  Eastern Rockhopper Penguins in Musgrave Harbor, Auckland Island, New Zealand   

Photography Contest


"Highly Honored"

Polar Passion

"I love this photograph because the penguins seem to be dancing in a wonderful penguin choreography.  Eastern Rockhopper Penguins are now considered a subspecies of the Southern Rockhopper (found mainly in the Falkland Islands.)"

– Charles Bergman –

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